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About IV Admin Sets

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Different vendors sell different brands and models of IV admin sets.  From personal experience, I know you can use Braun IV admin sets with Hospira bags - they fit just fine.  And I've had messages from folks that have used Hospira IV sets with Braun bags -worked fine but the Hospira "spike" did not fully penetrate the Braun bag (sounds a little like bad sex).  Direct Medical told me that the new Kawasumi sets work fine with Hospira bags.  If you're planning to inject medications during infusion sessions, make sure you buy an IV with an inline injection port.  When buying an IV set, make sure your purchase a "macrodrip" set that flows 10-20 drops per mL - some sources will try to sell you microdrip sets (60 drops per mL) more suitable for the very slow infusion of medication than the fast infusion of fluids. 

Different vendors sell different IV sets.  Medical Mart sells Hospira IV sets, UPCO sells Baxter IV sets, and Valley Vet sells 72" Hospira IV sets.

Some Examples of IV Admin Sets  


Hospira IV1859-48 Macrodrip IV Set. 15 drops/mL, nonvented, CAIR® (roller) clamp, one Y-site, 78"



B.Braun/McGaw V1400 IV Admin Set.  ContROLL® clamp, slide clamp, two-piece male luer lock. 67", 15 drop per mL.  V1402 is a longer (80") version of this set. 



B.Braun/McGaw V1416 IV Admin Set.  ContROLL® clamp, slide clamp, injection site 6" above distal end, two-piece male luer lock. 73". 15 drop per mL.  The V1418 is a longer (76") version of this set.



Baxter IV-2C5431 - Basic Solution Set - Macrodrip 10 DPM drip chamber, 70" long, regulating clamp, 1 "Y" injection site, luer-lock catheter adapter


Amsino 107201 Adult Basic IV Set - 72", 10 Drops per mL, Non-Vented, Roller Clamp, 1 Y Injection Site, Rotating Male Luer Lock, PE Poly Pouch Priming volume: 15mL.

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