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IV fluids, IV admin set and disposable needles are over-the-counter (OTC) in Canada and should be available through local pharmacies and medical supply firms.  Most local pharmacies will not stock these items but should be able to obtain them in 1-2 days from their medical supplies wholesalers.  Below are several Canadian pharmacies and medical supply houses that will obtain supplies locally.  Most will also ship within a prescribed area.


Marchese Health Care, Hamiton, Ontario.  "The LRS is the exact same brand as I bought from Brico (Hospira), and the Admin. sets are the same just for some reason the tubing is two inches longer 80" instead of 78".  The cost in Canadian funds for 12 bags of LRS and 12 admin. sets came to $93.48.  They DO NOT ship to the U.S ... they do deliver free of charge within the city.  They also deliver to all of Hamilton/Wentworth county, Brant county, and Halton county.  Currently they are charging $5.00 for delivery outside of the city, but with the price of gasoline the counter person had no idea if that price may go up in the near future. If you go to pick up it's quite slow the first time as they want to put your name, address etc. into their computer to make it faster the next time.  They were also just changing the style of the I.V. bags from the manufacturer, which made it very slow for some reason.  The man said after the first purchase all you have to do is call an hour or so ahead and you can just pick it up very quickly.  This is a huge business they have going there, the actual address to pick up your supplies is 340 James St. N. which runs just off of Barton St. for anyone familiar with the area.  Marchese also does compounding as well; we've never needed anything yet, but that's a plus for anyone who does.  They are within 50 miles of Toronto, so not a bad drive to save a fair bit from what I've seen on the Internet.  They DON'T deliver to Toronto!"  From "Sue" in Canada

316 James St. North
Hamilton ON Canada L8L 1H2 
Phone number:  05-528-4214 or Toll-free: 1-800-356-3365 
Infusion Services ext. 540  Medical Supplies ext. 640 
fax:  905-528-4162
Email address:
Web Site:




Medical Mart of Toronto supplies fluids, IV sets and needles throughout Canada at reasonable prices.  Prices are $6.95 (CDN) for liter bags of LRS and normal saline, $5.95 (CDN) for an IV set with two injection sites and $9.00 (CDN) for a box of Terumo needles.  Potassium Chloride for Injection, 20 mEq/10 ml (for adding to Ringers), Astra brand, $35.70 (CDN) Box of 40 vials, 10 mL each, Catalogue# 072-352 (special order-takes a few days), Hospira brand, $30.38 (CDN) Box of 25 vials, 10 mL each, Catalogue# 585-6651010.  Prescriptions are not required in Canada.  Supplies can be ordered by calling 1-800-379-4780 or 905-624-2011 or by e-mailing James Singh - Feedback from Canadian customers have been excellent.

Medical Mart
1330 Eglinton Avenue East
Mississauga, Ontario L4W 2L4
905-624-6200 & 1-800-379-4780

STAT Health Care in Calgary, 1 403 297 0700, sells Baxters 1000 ml. bags of fluids for $3.84 each or $46.08 for a case of 12, Terumo Needles-for  $5.74 for 100 and IV sets for $4.08.  All prices are Canadian.  Shipping charges vary by destination.  They only ship within Alberta.



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