Calcitriol for Cats & Dogs -- The Documents

The following five documents are the professional work of Drs. Larry Nagode and Dennis Chew of the Ohio State Veterinary College, posted here with their permission for the use of veterinarians and animal owners interested in using calcitriol to treat their pets with chronic kidney failure.  If you are a pet owner trying to interest your vet in this treatment, do print out all 5 documents for your vet's consideration.  This web site was originally created to make these documents more accessible.


Calcitriol - 
a treatment for chronic kidney failure in your cat or dog
Owner's Orientation Sheet by Larry A. Nagode  DVM MS PHD


The place to start - a plain language explanation that all should read.

Protocol for Calcitriol Use in CRF Dogs or Cats
 Drs. Nagode & Chew 


A one page explanation of the mechanics of using calcitriol to treat your cat or dog.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Use of Calcitriol
vs. Renal Secondary Hyperparathyroidsim
Larry A. Nagode  DVM  MS  PhD, Dennis J. Chew  DVM  ACVIM
Intended for Veterinarians and other medical professionals


Drs. Nagode and Chew answer the questions veterinarians have asked them about calcitriol. 

Use of Calcitriol (1,25 (OH)2 Vitamin D) in Chronic Renal Disease:
An Effective Treatment for Excess Parathyroid Hormone (PTH)
LA Nagode, DJ Chew, MA Carothers & CL Steinmeyer
Summary for Veterinarians and other medical professionals


A good summary for vets and medical professionals.  Informed pet owners will also find it interesting and useful..

Selected Bibliography - PTH Toxicity in Uremia


For further research. 


Dr. Dennis Chew, DVM, DACVIM, is Professor of Urology, Nephrology and Internal Medicine in the Clinical Sciences Department of The Ohio State University Veterinary College and an active small animal clinician at the OSU veterinary teaching hospital. 

Dr. Larry Nagode, DVM, PHD, is a Professor Emeritus of Veterinary Pathology in the Biosciences Department of The Ohio State University Veterinary College.